January 20, 1957 * good friends, good music, good times * March 14, 2009

A star in the dust that shinned brilliantly…has dimmed.
The spotlight is empty, the microphone is silent and a lonely guitar sits in it’s corner.
This site is in dedication to the passion of ROB ALLISON’S life.
The music, his constant, his passion will live on forever for all who come to listen, to reflect and enjoy.

Rob is among the best who’ve gone on before to ROCK N’ ROLL heaven.

To all of who’ve known Rob personally you can bet he’s making sure everyone’s guitars

along with the angel’s harps are in tune!

Rob, your legacy of music will live on in our hearts and our souls…now and forever…
I love you Rob, you’re my treasure…sing softly my love, our sweet music lives…


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